Aris in April: “Watercolor-soft sopranos, fiery octets and touching hospitality”

Springtime is tour time: an April full of concerts, trips and exciting experiences for the Aris Quartett!

It started with a highlight of the season: on April 5, they gave an acclaimed performance in the sold-out Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg! This was the fourth time in four years that the Aris Quartet had performed at the prestigious venue - and this time they were joined by an absolute star guest in the form of Christiane Karg. The Hamburger Abendblatt was full of praise for this “watercolor-delicate chamber music” and “would not have wanted to miss a single note of this concert”. 

If you don't want to miss this special program, you have another opportunity on June 2nd at the Kölner Philharmonie, tickets are available here!

After a short recording session in the wonderful acoustics of the newly built Casals Forum in Kronberg (a good time to subscribe to the Aris Quartet's YouTube channel!!), the tour continued on April 13 at the Meisterkonzerte in Würzburg - with a very special concept: the Aris Quartet had previously worked on Mendelssohn's string octet with students from the Musikhochschule - celebrated in concert with visible enthusiasm and fiery intensity!

Further stops were Donaueschingen (04.14), Icking (04.20) and Burgrieden (04.21) - a pleasure and privilege to experience the commitment, warmth and hospitality with which the musicians are received in these chamber music series!

Finally, on April 28, Schumann and the American pianist Claire Huangci performed at the venerable Wiesbaden Casino Society. And at this point I will let Dietrich Stern of the Wiesbadener Kurier conclude in all simplicity: “The energetic final chord led to cheers and standing ovations”.  Spring can come!