Current information:


Due to the Corona Pandemic, there are currently numerous concert cancellations and changes of dates at short notice.

Due to the current safety guidelines and distance regulations, concerts can only be held with a considerably limited number of visitors.

We try to update our concert announcements continuously, but please always pay attention to the information of the local promoter.

July 25th 2020: Icking  11.00 am and 06.00 pm 

Open Air, Amphitheater des Rainer-Maria-Rilke Gymnasiums

*limited number of visitors

Haydn, Schulhoff and Mendelssohn


July 29th 2020 Füssen 06.00 pm and 08.00 pm

Kaisersaal, Lechhalde 3

*limited number of visitors
Mendelssohn Beethoven


August 1st 2020 Frankfurt 07.30 pm and 09.30 pm

St. Katharinenkirche, An der Hauptwache 1, 60313 Frankfurt

*limited number of visitors

Bach and Mendelssohn


August 5th 2020: Gudensberg 07.00 pm

Kultursommer Nordhessen, Open Air- Märchenbühne im Stadtpark

*limited number of visitors

Haydn and Beethoven


August 8th 2020 Frankfurt 07.30 pm and 09.30 pm

St. Katharinenkirche, An der Hauptwache 1, 60313 Frankfurt

*limited number of visitors

Bach and Shostakovich


August 9th 2020: Höri Musiktage Bodensee 05.00 pm an 08.00 pm

Stiftskirche Öhningen

Haydn, Beethoven


September 15th 2020: Mainz 07.30 pm

Kirche St Bonifaz

Haydn and Beethoven

September 17th: Basel (CH)*

Paul- Sacher Foundation

Beethoven, Resch (World Premiere of the String quartet No. 3 "Attacca")

*closed society

September 26th 2020: Aschaffenburg 07.30 pm

Stadthalle, Großer Saal, Schlossplatz 1



September  27th 2020: Usingen 05.00 pm

Evangelische Kirche Usingen
Beethoven, Resch

September 29th 2020: Vaterstetten 07.30 pm

Seniorenwohnpark Vaterstetten, Fasanenstr. 24

Beethoven, Schumann ( Matthias Kirschnereit- piano)


October 3rd 2020: Walpersdorf (Austria)

Schloss Walpersdorf, Festsaal

Haydn and Schubert


Oktober 8th 2020: Madrid 07.30 pm

Auditorio Sony, Calle Requena, 1, 28013 Madrid

October 11th 2020: Brussels (Belgium)


October 12th 2020: Luxembourg


October 18th 2020: Achern 11.00 am und 07.00 pm

Alte Kirche Fautenbach, Mühlenstraße 15

Resch, Beethoven

October 23rd 2020: Steinhagen

October 24th 2020: Wildeshausen

November 7th 2020: Bensheim 08.00 pm

Parktheater Bergstraße, Promenadenstraße 25

Haydn, Schulhoff, Brahms (Florentine Simpfendörfer, Clarinet)

November 13th 2020: Budapest (Hungary)


November 15th 2020: Burgrieden

Museum Villa Rot

November 21st 2020: Icking

November 23rd 2020: Hoylake (UK)

November 25th 2020: Birmingham (UK)

November 27th 2020: Stuttgart


December 6th 2020: Bad Krozingen

December 10th: Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 07.30 pm

Schwiessel, Schloss

Haydn, Schulhoff, Schubert

December 11th 2020: Bremen  07.30 pm

Die Glocke, Kleiner Saal, Domsheide 4-5

Haydn, Schulhoff, Schubert


December 14th 2020 Nürtingen 08.00 pm

Kreuzkirche, Am Schillerplatz, 72622 Nürtingen

Haydn, Schulhoff, Schubert


January 15th 2021  Engers

Schloss Engers

January 16th 2021  Mainz

Villa Musica

January 17th 2021: Aachen

Krönungssaal, Rathaus

January 18th 2021: Hamburg


January 21st 2021: Darmstadt

with Daniel Müller- Schott, cello

January 22nd 2021: Kempen

with Daniel Müller- Schott, cello

January 23rd 2021: Nienburg

with Daniel Müller- Schott, cello

January 24th 2021: Duisburg

with Daniel Müller- Schott, cello

January 26th 2021: Milano (IT)

January 27th 2021: Brescia (IT)

February 7th 2021: Lissabon 


February 10th 2021: Amsterdam (NL)


February 12/13th 2021: Dortmund


February 20th 2021: Stockholm 


February 26th 2021: Ravensburg

with Daniel Müller-Schott, Cello

March 1st-4th 2021: Paris


March 6th 2021: Neubeuern


March 7th 2021: Weikersheim


March 17th 2021: Ingolstadt


March 21st 2021: Kirchheim unter Teck

City hall

March 24th 2021: Barcelona

L´ Auditori

March 27th 2021: Athen 


April 06.-19th 2021: US- Tour

San Francisco, Los Angeles and more

May 08th 2021 Sigmaringen 07.00 pm

Sparkassenforum Hofgarten, Fürst-Wilhelm- Straße 12

May 15th 2021: Porto

Casa da Musica

June 06th 2021: Baden-Baden


June 11th 2021: Vienna


June 13th 2021: Cologne


June 17th 2021: Gauting

July 2nd 2021: London

Barbican Center

July 31st 2021: Marvao (Portugal)

Festival Internacional Musica de Marvao

Beethoven Resch


More details and concert venues will follow soon - we are looking forward to your visit!

(all indications without engagement, subject to modifications)


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