April 24th 2022: Aachen  04.30 pm and 07.00 pm

Rathaus, Krönungssaal

Schulhoff, Schubert


May 03rd 2022: Mailand (IT) 08.30 pm

Conservatorio G. Verdi, Sala Verdi

Dvorak, Haydn and Schubert


May 04th 2022: Brescia (IT)  08.00 pm

Ridotto del Teatro Grande

Dvorak, Haydn and Schubert


May 06th 2022: Stuttgart 08.00 pm

Liederhalle, Mozartsaal

Haydn, Schulhoff, Schubert


May 08th 2022: SWR-Festspiele Schwetzingen  11.00 am

Schloss Schwetzingen, Mozartsaal

Dvorák, Haydn, Grieg


May 09th 2022: Frankfurt  08.00 pm

Alte Oper, Mozartsaal



May 15th 2022: Zürich 05.00 pm

Kirche St.Peter

Haydn, Schubert


June 19th 2022: Straubing 07.30 pm

Herzogschloss, Rittersaal

Haydn, Schulhoff, Grieg


June 25th 2022: Feuchtwangen  08.00 pm

Gemeindesaal, St Ulrich und Afra

Schulhoff, Dvorak, Chausson, Mendelssohn (with Christiane Karg, voice)


June 26th 2022: Feuchtwangen  08.00 pm

Kreuzgang, Marktplatz 2

Ravel- with Christiane Karg (voice), Simon Lepper (piano) und Dominique Horwitz (Lecture)


July 17th 2022: Wernigerode

mit Matthias Kirschnereit (piano)

July 18th 2022: Ostfriesland, Gezeitenkonzerte 

with Matthias Kirschnereit (piano)

July 20th 2022: Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Dvorak, Haydn, Mendelssohn

July 31st 2022: Staufen

with Fabian Müller (piano)

August 06th + 07th 2022: Rheingau Musik Festival

Kloster Eberbach

September 08th 2022: Füssen

Haydn, Schulhoff, Grieg

September 16th 2022: Barcelona


October 07th 2022: Herdorf

October 08th 2022: Simmern

October 09th 2022: Ludwigshafen

with Eckart Runge (cello)

October 09th 2022: Engers

Schloss Engers, Villa Musica

October 16th 2022: Achern

October 18th 2022: Bamberg

Haydn, Mendelssohn, Smetana

October 22nd 2022: Ravensburg

with Thorsten Johanns (clarinet)

October 29th 2022: Neubeuern

Haydn, Mendelssohn, Smetana

November 03rd 2022: Frankfurt


November 10th 2022: Frankfurt

Holzhausenschlösschen, with William Youn (piano)

November 13th 2022: Budapest


November 17th 2022: Frankfurt

Holzhausenschlösschen, with Krzysztof Chorzelski (viola)

November 19th 2022: Icking

Dvorak, Ponnelle, Smetana

November 24th 2022: Frankfurt

Holzhausenschlösschen, with Eckart Runge (cello)

November 26th 2022: Weinheim

Haydn, Mendelssohn, Smetana

December 08th 2022: Frankfurt

Holzhausenschlösschen, with Thorsten Johanns (clarinet)

January 08th - 13th 2023: Schloss Elmau

Kammermusikwoche, with Tabea Zimmermann (viola)

January 15th 2023: Duisburg

with Daniel Müller-Schott (cello)

January 19th 2023: Frankfurt

Alte Oper, with Kit Armstrong (piano)


More details and concert venues to follow soon - we are looking forward to your visit!

(all information without guarantee, changes are possible at any time)


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