October 12th 2023: Frankfurt 08.00 pm  -  Alte Oper, Mozartsaal
Octets by Mendelssohn and Enescu (with the Eliot Quartet)

November 02nd 2023: Boston (MA)



November 05th 2023: Utica (NY)  02.30 pm  -   Munson- Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Auditorium

Hensel, Janacek, Schubert

November 12th 2023: La Rochelle (FRA)  05.00 pm  -  Le Grand Theatre

Mendelssohn, Ligeti, Beethoven

November 21st 2023: Frankfurt  07:30 pm  -  Hindemith Tage, Gustav-Adolf- Kirche

Bach, Hindemith, Mozart (with Nur Ben Shalom, clarinet)

November 23rd 2023: Grünwald (Munich)  08.00 pm  -  August Everding Saal

Mendelssohn, Ligeti, Schubert (with Eckart Runge, cello)

November 25th 2023: Buchholz in der Nordheide  07.30 pm  -  Aula Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium

Mendelssohn, Ligeti, Schubert (with Eckart Runge, cello)

November 27th 2023: Eckernförde 08.00 pm  -  Stadthalle

Mendelssohn, Ligeti, Brahms (with Thorsten Johanns, clarinet)

Dec. 01st - 03rd 2023: Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  -  "Adventswochenende"

a total of 6 concerts, with the Aris Quartett, Omer Klein (jazz piano) and Eckart Runge (cello)

January 21st 2024: Halberstadt  06.00 pm  -  Festsaal des Neuen Rathauses

Hensel, Janacek, Schubert

February 18th 2024: Neuss  06.00 pm  -  Zeughaus Neuss

Schulhoff, Mozart, Brahms (with Bettina Aust, clarinet)

February 29th 2024: Luzern (CH)  12.30 am  -  KKL Luzern, Konzertsaal

Hensel, Schubert

February 29th 2024: Langenthal (CH)  07.30 pm  -  Barocksaal, Bären Langenthal

Hensel, Janacek, Schubert

March 15th 2024: Asheville (NC) 07.30 pm   -  Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Hensel, Janacek, Schubert

March 20th 2024: Salt Lake City (UT)  07.30 pm  -  Libby Gardner Concert Hall

Hensel, Janacek, Schumann (with Andreas Klein, piano)

April 05th 2024: Hamburg  07.30 pm  -  Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal

Mendelssohn, Schumann, Reimann (with Christiane Karg, voice)

April 13th 2024: Würzburg  07.30 pm  -  Großer Saal, Hochschule für Musik

Hensel, Ligeti, Mendelssohn 

April 14th 2024: Donaueschingen  07.00 pm  -  Donauhallen, Strawinsky Saal

Mendelssohn, Schumann, Reimann (with Christiane Karg, voice)

April 20th 2024: Icking  07.30 pm  -  Konzertsaal Rainer-Maria-Rilke Gymnasium

Mendelssohn, Ligeti, Beethoven

April 21st 2024: Burgrieden  11.00 am  -  Museum Villa Rot

Mendelssohn, Ligeti, Beethoven

April 28th 2024: Wiesbaden  05.00 pm  -  Herzog-Friedrich-August Saal, Casinogesellschaft

Mendelssohn, Schumann (with Claire Huangci, piano)

June 02nd 2024: Köln  08.00 pm  -  Philharmonie

Mendelssohn, Schumann, Reimann (with Christiane Karg, voice)


More details and concert venues to follow soon - we are looking forward to your visit!

(all information without guarantee, changes are possible at any time)